The Best Gadget Of Our Generation

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Technology is developing every second all across the globe, but there is always that one item that stands out from the crowd, gets the people talking and in its path has thousands of replica’s. For my life scoop and people of my generation it appears that the iPod is the gadget of the century. Beginning with the original and small device, it became a way to store a substantial amount of quality music in the one place. The walk-man and disc-man became figures of the past. Plus they where to heavy to especially when it came to working out or doing some power walking with music in your ears.

The iPod then increased to the iPod classic, yet again simple but amazing with even more storage space for music. The improvements here got me very excited with the ability to store movies, clips and even photographs. Despite it being a bit heavier and wider though it was far from a downfall to the original smaller device. It simply got better with the ability to do more and be worthy of your hard earned cash.

Finally, we have the very best that our generation has to offer that came in the form of the iPod touch. This beauty was all about the touch screen, applications, social media, pictures, facetime and even video’s. It is basically a very small, delicate computer that fits right in the palm of your hand. It is down to the beauty and intelligence of this device that so many cell phones have followed suit offering similar applications and touch screen formats. For me the iPod touch remains the very best and has very little to complain about, accept it needs a good clean after heavy use and a nice sturdy screen to avoid damage. Thus concludes my life scoop on the best gadget of our generation.

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