How to buy a common seal in Singapore

company seal photo
Photo by sagesolar

A common seal also goes by the name of company seal or corporate seal. It is an authorized seal which is used by a company. Back in time, these seals were used by companies in frequent law jurisdictions. However, many countries are done using these seals.

If you are looking for common seal Singapore then know this you can approach any seal maker and order seal for business. The services, however, do vary and the delivery time usually depends on the one ordering the production of seals. A company might have its seal ready within 6 hours and can extend up to 3 days maximum. Make sure you get in touch with the company before placing your order.

A common seal making cost can start from $68 not only this but the services you include increases cost of seal making process. The cost can go up to $138 if you want it to be delivered within 6 hours, however, the charges making a seal within 24 hours is $98. The urgent you want it the more money you have to spend.

Almost every seal maker allows the option of custom seal making, not only this but they also offer stickers for common seals with different colors to choose from which are Red, Gold, and Silver.