Child Stars of the 80s that are still famous today

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are that your favorite characters are still gracing your screens. Some have come and gone and come back again. Others have never left. Here are just a few Child Stars of the 80s whose luster haven’t faded.

Child Stars of the 80s
Photo by Hollywood_PR Child Stars of the 80s

1. Mayim Bialik

“Blossom” fans may find it hard to recognize the twirling, dancing, jumping, smiling, vivacious teenager who now plays the nerdy, straight-faced Amy Farah Fowler in “The Big Bang Theory”. But we love her anyway!

2. Jason Bateman

Even “Little House on the Prairie” fans probably won’t remember Jason in the role of little James Cooper, the adopted brother of Laura Ingalls. We got to know him as the naughty Derek Taylor in “Silver Spoons”. Lately, Jason’s been playing the nice-guy role in movies. With that adorable smile, what else could he be?

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Luke Brower, the lost soul we grew to love in season 7 of “Growing Pains”, made Hollywood take notice with his Oscar nomination for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. Since then, our little Leo has taken on all kinds of powerful roles!

4. Drew Barrymore

Adorable as Gertie in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, Drew went a little off the track, landing her in rehab at the age of fourteen. But true to Charlie’s Angels form, she found her stride and fought her way right back on to our screens and into our hearts. Going through a struggle? You can transform yourself, too, with a wise jug weight loss plan and a never-say-die attitude!

Maybe you’re more of a couch potato than an action hero. Either way, there should always be time to watch reruns.