Is Your Mobile Ruining Your Relationship?

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In a age when tablet computers and smartphones rule our lives, how significant can it be to put technology down and communicate with your nearest and dearest before ruining your relationship?

Couples sitting gazing at their mobiles although not speaking is becoming increasingly common as apparatus take over face to face interaction.

Senior QUT lecturer Dr Zoe Hazelwood and documented shrink said intimate relationships needed dialogue to achieve success.

“They miss out on significant opportunities to communicate efficiently within their relationship and to discuss things with each other.

Dr Hazelwood said she was told by many couples they didn’t understand the best way to communicate with one another.

“I believe some of that comes from not actually striving, due to apparatus which make it simple for us to prevent these dialogues,” she said at an online friendship site.

Do not blindly pick up your apparatus

Dr Hazelwood said many of us without actually considering why we were picking them up reached for our cellphones.

“There must be self-observation set up and understand which you’re not taking away quality time with a partner or family.

“You can not disregard it as it’s the future and it is the way our society is going, yet it is about having healthy esteem and understanding when to turn off.”

“Are you making time in order to spend quality time with your partner that does not include technology?”

Parents, mobiles and kids

Dr Hazelwood said technology could also affects other significant relationships, particularly between their kids and parents.

“Parents are important role models for his or her kids and if they spend their entire time with their heads down in their apparatus it can be damaging,” she said.

“It also can be hypocritical if they then attempt to take the apparatus off the kids to send them outside to play.”

“Many individuals who are doing fly in and fly out can profit significantly in the apparatus we now have accessible to us.

“Additionally if grandparents or family reside away then there are such a wide variety of chances to us now that enable us to remain in touch and that can value-add to some relationship.”

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