Simple Way on How to Stop a Cat from Spraying

Owning a cat can be a headache with the cat spraying issues. When you start dealing with these issues, it would turn out to be the other way around. The cat would start owning you. You will no longer feel like the owner of the cat. Spraying is a behavior which can surely make you go insane with frustration. You will be left constantly wondering if there is a way on how to stop a cat from spraying.

In order to know how to stop a cat from spraying, it is important to understand why a cat sprays. This is actually an instinctive behavior of a cat which tends to mark territory by spraying. It is not as if the cat has planned to irritate you by spraying. It is in the nature of the cat to mark territory by spraying. For example, if there are two cats in the house, one cat would spray around a certain spot in the house so as to deter the other cat from entering that particular spot where it sprayed. It is that cat’s way of telling the other cat that the spot where it sprayed is its territory. So, one good way on how to stop a cat from spraying is by making sure there is no other cat in the house competing for space.